The Best Chest workouts

How to Increase the size of your chest

  what is the right chest workout for you? If you want to fill out a t-shirt with dense, hard muscle, then training like a bodybuilder is the only way to achieve that desired result . The phrase “meathead” often conjures up images of lunks oiled up and juiced on roids. 

However, true bodybuilding is a mastered skill.  Compared to Athletes  who train for “endurance strength,” the  highest priority  for a bodybuilder is to improve how the muscles look  —  size, symmetry, and how it appears compared to the rest of the body.  If we were to tell the truth we all want to look like this to some degree. 

To force your chest to grow, you have to direct as much muscle stimulation as possible on the pectorals. You need a chest routine that allows you to isolate the pecs while taking the other muscles out of the equation.

“Scientifically, you want less emphasis on the core and more on the pec major. That means you want to be on a stable platform, such as the flat bench press, dumbbell bench press and incline bench press,” says Richardson.

How to build a Wider Chest?

  To ensure the growth of your chest muscles width, we have to use a wide variety of  weighted movements. Doing this simple thing like mixing up the hand placement of where you grab the bar or place your hands really can target the muscle in a different way which helps it grow to it’s fullest potential. 

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