My #1 top pick for lawn service Lawn Service Greenville SC

Lawn Service Greenville SC

Located in Greenville, SC? Having problems with your lawn? Or simply want to put that bit of your property that’s been empty or disorganized for a long time to a better use? I’ve been in that kind of situation before too. I moved in to a house that had so much land space that was not being put to good use.

Well, there is a reason for that. The house needed an overhaul. Literally. The soil was dry as dust, there was barely any grass, and the empty space made a nice place to put things that are too big to stay inside the house or the shed. I was willing to let it stay that way for a little longer, but my younger brother hurt himself trying to play in that area.

I decided it needed to be addressed. Now, I know for a fact I cannot actually solve it myself, so I tried to look for a reliable lawn service Greenville SC. This is how I came across the Grass Barber.

The Grass Barber was started and owned by Sandro Balderas in 2008. It is an all-around lawn management service that is fully-licensed and insured, servicing Greenville, South Carolina. When I asked them what they can do to address my situation. You know what they did? They came over to assess my property and gave estimate costs for free! Pretty cool, right?

The expert barbers told me that they will need to fertilize and mulch the land so that grass will start to grow. They need to mulch it as well since the soil in my property is so dry and compacted. To be honest, I wouldn’t know these things if it weren’t for the Grass Barber experts. I would probably just water it and think that’s enough – silly me! It turns out, the process mulching is a common method in lawn care that can be very good for the plants when done properly. Soil is covered with mulches, like bark, wood, chips, leaves, and other organic material so it preserves moisture and improves soil health. Mulching retains soil moisture by reducing evaporation and it also increases water infiltration. This process acts as an awesome insulator that regulates soil temperature. With mulching, the biological activity in the soil is increased by providing micro-organisms and earthworms with food, thus cultivating it. Mulching also prevents weed growth and erosion. It will also require less watering and weeding. There is no way I can do this on my own!  I can’t say it enough I love the grass barbers as my source for lawn care greenville sc

They also recommended to seed my lawn. Since I am as good as starting a new lawn with the current situation my property is in, the expert Barbers strongly recommended me to do this. They told me that the timing in seeding is very crucial to grass growth. Thank goodness I am sensible enough to call the experts! The good thing is, the Grass Barber can do all these things for me! There is no need to double, or even triple the cost because once company can do it all for you.

The Grass Barber can even do lawn aeration and shrubbery maintenance. But then again, I shall take baby steps and cross the bridge when my lawn is green and lush at its finest.

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